Academic Integrity Games

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The creation of this game is the result of a collaboration between the Academic Integrity Office (AIO) and the Digital Education Strategies (DES) team at The G. Raymond Chang School of Continuing Education at Toronto Metropolitan University.

This game addresses different topics related to academic integrity, including plagiarism, cheating and group work. This game is intended to help foster an environment of academic integrity by providing students with information about the importance of academic integrity, as well as the values and behaviours expected of students by the University and common misconceptions about academic integrity.

Toronto Metropolitan University is committed to providing accessible learning and employment spaces for students, employees, and members of our community. This game has been created as a keyboard-accessible experience.

This game comes with a Discussion Guide that was created for instructors to help them facilitate and adapt the game to their needs.

The PDF also contains discussion questions that can be used to help evaluate student performance across the 3 planets.

Download Discussion Guide (PDF)

This game and supporting learning modules are part of GAIV Project, funded by UOW Learning and Teaching Innovation Grants 2022.