Country Profiles

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If you are looking for information on a country we suggest you search on the following databases:

EBSCO Discovery Service (EDS)

Once connected to EDS, type the country name you are looking for in the search bar. Lower on the left side menu, in the “Source types” menu, select “Reports”.

On the search results page, click on the “PDF Full Text” to download the report you need, or click on the report title to open the report’s homepage to read the abstract:

GlobalData Explorer

GlobalData Explorer provides data and reports examining the performance and potential of the most important territories through each of the country-specific lenses below.

Once connected to GlobalData Explorer, type the country name you’re looking for in the search bar, or browse by region.

Each page integrates resources from across the entire database, including geography-specific news, deals, analysis of market players, and market and product databases.

On the Databases tab you have access to a lot of Dashboards, by example the “Traveler demands and Flows” to retrieve travelers inbound and outbound information.


From the Advanced Search page, type the country name that you are interested in and select the Document type “Country Report”:

Other resources

IMD World Competitiveness

Choose the country to access the details including the Competitiveness, Digital and Talent rankings for 64 countries.

Alternatively, you can also use the following direct links:

Digital profiles:

Extended profiles including all data:

Talent country profiles:

CIA World Factbook

Select Countries in the top menu and choose the country you are interested in.

United Nations Statistics Division

Direct link to Country profiles:

Select the country to view the detailed country profile.

World Bank

Direct link to Open Data:

Select Country under the search bar and start browsing by country names or regions.


Direct link to Eurostat Database:

Direct link to Interactive Data Visualization Tools:

Direct link to Sustainable Development Goals:

Direct link to Key Figures on Europe – interactive edition:

Direct link to European Statistical Recovery Dashboard:

Federal Statistical Office

The Federal Statistical Office has the mandate of compiling and imparting user-friendly information on important areas of life in Switzerland.