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A whole book: How do I write the reference list entry?


Hassanien, A., & Dale, C. (2019). Hospitality business development. Routledge.

Author – WHO? Use the family name followed by the initial letter of the first name. Use the ampersand “&” before the family name of the last author in the list. Check you have included the commas “,” and periods “.” in the correct place.

Date – WHEN? Write the year of publication of the article enclosed in parentheses (  ). Check you have included the period “.” in the correct place.

Title – WHAT? Write the title of the article in italics. Use sentence style capitalization, meaning the initial letter of the first word should be capitalized, following words should be lower case. If there is a period *.” or colon “:” in the title of the article, the initial letter of the following word should be capitalized. The names of people, countries and so on should have an initial capital letter. End the title with a period “.”.

Source – WHERE? Use the name of the publishing company. Do not include designations of business structure (e.g. Inc., Ltd.). End the publisher information with a period “.”.

Corresponding in-text citation styles

Parenthetical citation: The hospitality industry will expand by 3% (Hassanien & Dale, 2019).

Narrative citation: Hassanien and Dale predict that the hospitality industry will expand by 3% (2019).

For more information, see

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