The writing process

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Approaching writing (for projects, oral presentations) as a process, rather than focusing on the finished product, can make the task easier and lead to a better result. The details of process writing differ, but most experts agree that:

  • good writing is an iterative process in which you are constantly revising your text.
  • you can divide the task into three stages: prewriting, writing, and revising or editing.

By paying particular attention to the prewriting and revising / editing stages, you will see a dramatic improvement in the quality of your work.


This stage comprises several activities necessary before you begin to write. At GIHE, it includes a careful reading of the project outline and discussion with your teacher, so you know exactly what you have to do. Other activities at this stage include

Brainstorming, mind maps: note down what you already know about this topic, what you would like to find out

Researching, using the library resources : Use the same questions as journalists to generate content – Who? What? Where? When? Why? So what (what is the importance of this information)?

Organizing your ideas

Outlining, planning your text: Perhaps your text could take a problem- solution structure or

Definition: How would I define my topic or subject? Does it belong to a larger group? Division and classification: To what greater category does this topic belong?

Comparison and contrast: What is this topic similar to? What is it different from? How is it different?

Cause and effect: What caused this topic (situation)? What are its effects? Why does it occur?

Process analysis: How does it work? Does it fit into any other processes?

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Discuss your ideas with your teacher, with your colleagues.


Draft your text

Submit a first draft to Turnitin if you have the possibility to check your paraphrasing

Revising /editing the draft text

Revise, reorganize ideas, add ideas, cut out extra material, add supporting evidence

Edit and proofread, check for grammar and spelling mistakes.

If relevant, check your APA in-text citations and end of text reference list.

What is the value of the Process Writing approach?

It encourages creativity, deep learning, collaboration, and helps you to produce robust, well researched and well written texts.