A Day To Shine! – a manageable mnemonic to simplify the seemingly complex APA references structure. By remembering Author, Date, Title, and Source, you will be well-equipped to construct clear and accurate APA references. 


The format of APA7 style reference list entries is always the same: 


Author. Date. Title. Source. 


WHO.  The name of the author or authors –a person, people, or an organisation 

WHEN. The date of publication 

WHAT. The title of the source – title of journal article, book, webpage, video etc. 

WHERE. The location of the source – a DOI number, a URL, the name of the publishers etc. 


To remember these four elements  

Author. Date. Title. Source  

think of the following phrase  

A Day To Shine 

and Smile! Your reference list is almost finished….