Integrating source material smoothly into your work

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Integrating source material smoothly into your work

You have to use authoritative, credible information produced by experts to support your points, to build your line of argument. You do this by:

Paraphrasing the original information you want to use.

Including an APA style in-text citation next to your paraphrase.


You also need to make clear the reason why you have included this paraphrase at this point of your work. The way to do this is include your analysis, your comment on the information by answering questions such as:

What is the purpose of this information here?

How does it support the point I am are making?

How does it contribute to my line of argumentation?


A simple way to do this is this 3-point structure:

  1. Write a sentence which introduces the point you want to make.
  2. Include your paraphrase of the information from your source material and the in-text citation
  3. Write a sentence or two explaining the importance of this information, analyzing its significance or how it relates to other information you have included.

Repeat the process for your next point and paraphrase

There are several advantages to integrating your source material into your work in this way

  1.  You make your text easier to understand for your reader, who is usually the faculty who is assessing your work.
  2. Your comments and analysis are original work which is highly valued and may help you achieve a higher grade.