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The loneliness you feel is actually an opportunity to reconnect with others and yourself.

Maxime Lagacé

Loneliness is a normal human emotional response to the absence of something we need. It can feel painful and troubling, it can bring sadness, frustration, and anxiety. Loneliness doesn’t mean being alone, you can feel lonely in a crowd. However, it can be overcome by simple actions. Adapting to a new environment, and not knowing anyone around, this is an ideal time to work on your social connections!
Transition from home with a lot of people and interaction to a new school with nobody around you that you already know may feel different. Accept this period as a chance to explore a new way of being with yourself and others.
To overcome loneliness, you have to focus on having meaningful and enjoyable times with others. You can have meaningful time with other people by helping them to create positive connections, which is beneficial to both of you.

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Take action: invite a classmate for a coffee during a class break, eat with others, chat with new people before or after a class, join a committee or a group of students/friends, or go to the gym with friends.
Develop your social skills, and practice getting to know other people and letting them know you.
Develop intimate friendships gradually and avoid rushing in, sharing your feelings too quickly. Let friendship develop naturally over time.
Use your alone time to enjoy being yourself and to get to know yourself better. Take this opportunity to learn how to take care of your own emotional needs.
Enjoy your time alone with a book, games, or music. Have these things around you when you are alone. (Have a look at the collection of novels in the library collection or online with Pressreader and Overdrive!)
Feeling anxious when meeting new people is normal, however, it should not become an excuse.
Say “hi” to someone new and engage in a conversation with that person.
Ask your comrades questions about themselves or their interests.
Invite a new friend out or accept an invitation from someone else.
Your period of loneliness doesn’t define who you are.
Notice your thoughts and keep positive. Avoid unhelpful thoughts, remember you can change them. 
Do things that are meaningful for you, either alone or with others.

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